Zico Responds to Those Comparing Him to G-Dragon

Block B member Zico just dropped his solo album “Gallery” and has been receiving enormous praise for his artistry.

The rapper hosted a listening party for the album today in Seoul, where he also responded to media questions, one of which was what he thinks about being compared to BIGBANG member G-Dragon.

Zico responded to the inquiry by stating, “I don’t think that there’s any overlap in the music genres. It seems that there’s no way you could say that I’m copying him. I’m very thankful to be compared to him, but the paths we’re on are very different. Because of that, from now on you can explicitly say that we’re different. That sort of criticism isn’t bothersome.”

Zico followed up his answer by speaking further about negative comments on the internet, saying, “People upload comments with their own thoughts. When I see those I think ‘I have to improve,’ and I am also provoked. However there are also derogatory comments about me that are unsubstantial, baseless, and thoughtless. I try not to concern myself with those.”

Meanwhile, Zico’s new album “Gallery” is doing well on Korea’s music charts, with the album’s single “Eureka” sweeping the top spot on most of the digital single charts. 


Source: MyDaily

Image courtesy of Seven Seasons Entertainment
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