Yoona Impresses Crowd with Brief Chinese Serenade

Last night, Girls’ Generation performed on live broadcast for “Tencent K-pop Live Music”.

Tencent is a new Chinese portal that broadcasts K-pop performances once a month to China, and is a joint effort by Baidu and Alibaba, two of China’s biggest IT companies.

During their performance, Girls’ Generation took a break for a quick interview. Having somewhat recently returned from filming a drama in China, Yoona surprised fans with a rendition of the Chinese song, “The Moon Represents My Heart”.

The crowd helped Yoona a bit towards the end as the lyrics slipped her memory, but she finished out strong, impressing the crowd with vocals that aren’t normally highlighted in the group’s songs.

Check out the clip of Yoona singing below, and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: Tencent

All visual and audio media courtesy of Tencent
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