Yoona to Appear on 100th Episode of ‘Sunny’s FM Date’

Yoona will be appearing on fellow Girls’ Generation member Sunny‘s radio show, “Sunny’s FM Date,” in order to congratulate her on her 100th episode.

An MBC representative announced: “On August 19th there will be a celebratory special episode of ‘Sunny’s FM Date.’ Yoona will be appearing on the show for the corner, ‘Tell Me Your Wish.'”

In the corner, Sunny listens to and answers the wishes of listeners and guests on the show during the live broadcast. For the upcoming 100th episode, Yoona will be helping Sunny listen to and grant the wishes of listeners.

The show’s producer stated, “Since the relationship [between the guests and host] is usually cordial, people are anxious to see if Yoona will make annoying demands of Sunny .”

The official “Sunny’s FM Date” homepage is now accepting wishes from listeners, and there are reportedly already an overwhelming amount of requests for Sunny and Yoona to sing on the live broadcast.

The show will air at 8pm on August 19th, so be sure to tune in!


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of SBS
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