Yoon Sang to Duet with INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu

Popular musician Yoon Sang teams up with popular idol Kim Sunggyu from INFINITE for a surprise duet, which will be released on December 5th. The track is a bright love song titled “To Me” and it will feature on the first release of his upcoming two-part EP “The Duets.” Fans are highly anticipating the collaboration between the veteran singer and the idol vocalist.

On December 2nd, Yoon Sang and Kim Sunggyu went to KBS to record for “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.” The following day, Sunggyu travelled to Hong Kong to join his fellow members for 2014 MAMA.

The collaboration came about due to Yoon Sang’s close ties with Woollim Entertainment. The singer recently produced the debut album for Woollim’s newest girl group Lovelyz. Despite having produced songs for top artists such as IU and TVXQ, this was his first time producing for a girl group. Through this, he came to know Sunggyu and decided to sing a duet with him.

Yoon Sang will hold a year end concert at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall from December 12th-14th.


Source: OSEN

Courtesy of OSEN
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