YMC Entertainment Makes Official Statement Regarding Full I.O.I Comeback

Earlier this morning, the internet was humming with news that I.O.I would be making a comeback as a full group in October of this year.

Since the survival audition show “Produce 101,” the girl group has experienced immense popularity, which eventually led to their home entertainment companies bringing them back to their respective labels to debut with the trainees from the same label.

As the members of I.O.I were scattered amongst their original labels, there was a general sense of disappointment from the public, who looked forward to seeing the full group together for longer.

Hence the excitement when Korean media outlets began reporting this morning that the group would be making a full comeback this year.

However, YMC Entertainment has put those reports to rest. A representative from the company stated just now, “Because we are currently in the phase of preparing unit promotions, we haven’t even thought about a group comeback. We haven’t even looked at songs.”

The representative did leave a crumb of hope for I.O.I fans though, stating, “Because I.O.I will end group promotions in January [2017], we are anticipating something for October or November, but we have no idea if it’ll be sooner or later than that. As of now, there are no solid plans for the full group comeback.”

While it looks like nothing has been solidified for the group’s comeback, it does seem that we can expect some sort of activity from the full group before their contracts are up in January of 2017, so until then be sure to stick around MoonROK for more updates on all of your favorite Kpop artists and idols.


Source: Herald Pop

Image courtesy of YMC Entertainment
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