YG Releases Poster for ‘Mix & Match’

YG Entertainment has released a poster for its newest survival program, “Mix & Match.” The poster shows B.I., Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, and other YG trainees huddled up and showing a determined image.

“Mix & Match” will consist of the six members of Team B from “Win” and an additional three trainees, and will test the boys’ skill, charm, and personality to ‘match’ the best members out of the ‘mix’ to determine who will debut as YG’s newest boy group, iKON.

Mnet and Naver TV Caster will be give a first glimpse at “Mix & Match,” which can also be seen on YG’s official blog. Naver TV Caster will also show many different angles and has plans to release secret multitrack videos from the members.


Source: SportsWorld

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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