YG Entertainment Denies All Rumors Connecting the Company and PSY to Choi Soonsil

Image courtesy of MyDaily

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the news in Korea, you’ve heard about Choi Soonsil-gate.

Long story short, it was just uncovered that the President of South Korea (Park Geun Hye) has for years been confiding in and possibly showing favoritism (and by that, we mean embezzling lots of money) to a religious cult leader named Choi Soonsil and her immediate circle of friends and family.

As a result, a massive investigation into what has been dubbed “Choi Soonsil-gate” has been opened, and prosecutors are hunting down every possible link to Choi and Park.

Today, YG Entertainment artist PSY came under fire by the Korean media, with multiple outlets claiming that the singer was tied closely to Choi Soonsil’s niece, Jang Siho. Jang Siho has been recently accused of exercising her influence in multiple sports-related projects in the hopes of gaining control over the 2018 Olympic games in Pyeongchang. In other words, due to her aunt and mother’s close relationship with the President, Jang is suspected of having received inordinate amounts of money from the government to fund her projects.

Furthermore Choi Soonsil’s sister Choi Soondeuk (mother of Jang Siho), who has now been implicated in the political scandal, was also affiliated with various sports projects, most notably the celebrity soccer team Tornado FC.

When the media speculated today that YG and PSY were tied up in projects with Jang Siho and Tornado football club, the company immediately disputed the claims.

In reaction to the publication of these claims by the Korean media, YG has made the below statement:

YG Entertainment has been connected with rumors regarding “Choi Soonsil-gate”, and because news outlets are reporting this as true, we are making a statement to dispute these rumors.

This is YG’s official position on the various rumors related to “Choi Soonsil-gate”:

  1. It is not true that YG Entertainment has gone into business with Jang Siho.
  2. It is absolutely not true that PSY has a close, friendly relationship with Jang Siho. As the two have never even met, they do not even know each other.
  3. PSY has no affiliation with the Tornado soccer club.

YG relays our stance that these rumors which have been exaggerated and reproduced both orally and via SNS have absolutely no foundation, and in fact we will be seeking legal action against those who propagated these rumors unlawfully.


There’s no doubt that other claims will be made tying various celebrities and entertainment companies to the government over the next few weeks, so be sure to stick around moonROK for official statements and positions on the issue.


Source: MyDaily

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