YG Confirms December 2016 BIGBANG Comeback

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

It’s official: we’re getting a BIGBANG comeback before the year ends.

YG Entertainment has just confirmed that the group will be returning before 2016 comes to a close, a welcome announcement following reports of T.O.P’s upcoming enlistment.

A representative from YG Entertainment made a statement to the media today saying, “BIGBANG and Sechskies will be making comebacks at the end of the year. Both teams will be before mid-December.”

Prior to today’s announcement there had been speculation of a BIGBANG comeback, but today is the first time that it’s been confirmed.

Last year the group released their “MADE” series of single albums, but ended up postponing the release of the full album so that the members could “recharge”.

It looks like a year later, we may finally be getting that full album. We’ll have all the details on BIGBANG’s December comeback as they are made available, so be sure to stick around moonROK for updates.


Source: Xports News

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