YG Announces Enlistment Plans for BIGBANG + Upcoming Solo Releases from GD and Taeyang

One of the inevitable pitfalls of being a fan of a male Kpop group, is the army enlistment that is mandatory for all male Korean citizens.

Fans live with the knowledge that one day, their favorite member of the group will ship off to the army for two years before returning to the public eye.

While that day is not today for BIGBANG fans, it is certainly looming. YG Entertainment has just announced BIGBANG will not be enlisting together, but rather in the order of their ages.

A representative from YG stated, “We have not shared any information about BIGBANG enlisting together, and as expected, they will not all be enlisting at the same time, but rather one by one.”

The rep continued, “We heard talk of BIGBANG all enlisting in the army at the same time, and this is completely untrue. All five of them will enlist at different times.”

The YG representative then clarified the group’s order of enlistment, stating, “The eldest member of BIGBANG, T.O.P, will go first, and then the other members will follow in order.”

The YG rep then closed out his statement by assuring fans that they can expect some new music from some of the members soon, stating, “Next year, of the BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang plan to release a solo album.”

So fear not, V.I.Ps. BIGBANG’s enlistment will be slow and steady, and it looks like we can expect some solo material while other members are in the army.


Source: StarNews

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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