Yenny Says ‘Wonder Girls is Something More Than Family’ on Sunny’s Radio Show

Wonder Girls member Yenny appeared on Girls’ Generation member Sunny‘s MBC radio show, “Sunny’s FM Date” on August 12th and shared some interesting stories with listeners.

On the show, Yenny said, “Wonder Girls member Hyerim featured on the album, and Yubin is making a three-part documentary out of my behind the scenes cuts. To be honest, it seems hard for Yoobin, she can barely leave her house because she’s working on the documentary.”

In response, Sunny joked, “She’s not just doing it because she’s your member; if she didn’t love you, she couldn’t do it.”

Yenny then replied by saying, “Definitely. I’m so thankful. To be honest, since she’s doing it for nothing in return, I’m thinking about buying her a designer bag later.”

Yenny finished by saying, “I’m sure you feel the same way about Girls’ Generation; having been together for the past seven or eight years, they’re not just coworkers, they’re like something more than my family.”


Source: MyDaily


Image courtesy of MBC
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