Yang Hyun Suk Talks About BIGBANG’s New Album and Comeback

BIGBANG’s new album will be released in April.

YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk told JoongAng Ilbo’s Weekly Sports on the 12th, “YG’s first group up to bat in 2015 will be BIGBANG. We are planning on releasing the album in April.”

BIGBANG’s new album will be the first in three years since their last album in the June of 2012, “STILL ALIVE.” BIGBANG has been, ever since their debut, a unique idol group that possesses both artistic and popular appeal. 

CEO Yang stated, “We have been working with iKON and WINNER as well, but the first batter of this year will be BIGBANG. It is a little burdensome to say, but I heard BIGBANG’s new song that the members have been working on, and it was better than any of the music BIGBANG has done so far.”

He continued, “My heart fluttered as I listened to their new song. It made me feel really good to hear BIGBANG’s song after a long while.”

BIGBANG is now a group that is ten years old. Throughout the ten years they have been performing and singing, the members have been diligently taking music classes. G-Dragon, especially, has joined the ranks of Korea’s top class song writers.

CEO Yang stated, “BIGBANG’s energy and musical idea has ripened to its best in ten years. It has become the new album that emits light, and, surely, this is why I thought, ‘This is why they are BIGBANG, this is why they are YG’s eldest.’ Not only is the title song good, but every song in the album is good.”

BIGBANG’s new album is one that global fans have been looking forward to. It is an album that is an “anticipation” for the fans, but a “burden” to the company. CEO Yang stated, “This project is something that the fans have really been looking forward to. Even I had been anticipating in excitement. I am very pleased that the final outcome is good. I even have the urge to give BIGBANG my respect and high praise as artists.”

Finally, CEO Yang stated, “BIGBANG’s younger siblings, iKON and Winner, have both been working very hard. BIGBANG’s album is so great I think they will lead the way to a great start.  I’m very excited and expectant.”


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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