Woohyun and Sungyeol of Infinite Are ‘Receiving Help’ from Kim Sae Ron

At a recent conference for upcoming KBS 2TV drama, “Highschool: Love On,” at Seoul’s Grand Convention Center, Woohyun and Sungyeol of Infinite admitted that they are receiving a lot of help from their senior in the field, Kim Sae Ron.

The reason that this article is making headlines in Seoul is because Kim Sae Ron is only 13 years old, and thus, Woohyun and Sungyeol referring to her as “sunbaenim,” meaning “senior” in Korean, is a bit humorous. However, Kim Sae Ron has been in the field of acting longer than both boys from Infinite, thus technically making her their “sunbae” indeed.

At the press conference, Woohyun stated: “Kim Sae Ron sunbaenim is really comfortable to act with and gives us a lot of help on set. We’re working really hard.”

Sungyeol also commented: “I ask Kim Sae Ron a lot of questions about things that I don’t know. I’m receiving a lot of help with my acting. When I met Kim Sae Ron two years ago, she looked really young, but this time around she’s really mature. We think in very similar ways so we have a lot of fun filming together.”

The drama that the three are starring in together will have its first broadcast on July 11 at 8:55pm KST, so be sure to tune in to watch!


Source: My Daily

Image courtesy of MyDaily
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