Wonder Girls Release ‘Why So Lonely’ Teaser Photos

Another set of teasers has been revealed for Wonder Girls’ comeback, this time with group photos. Continuing the 70s retro styles of individual teasers, the girls are looking even more gorgeous in these group photos. The teasers suggest they will pursue the band concept once again for this comeback.

This is Wonder Girls’ fourth studio album, “Why So Lonely,” marks the group’s 9th anniversary. According to the comeback schedule released by JYP a few days ago, after teaser photos, a music video teaser will drop on July 1st, and the song and the full album will be released on July 5th. Before that, look forward to their live premiere on Naver’s V app at 11:30pm KST on the July 4th, as well as their first comeback stage on MCountdown on July 7th!

Meanwhile, check out their group teasers below and stick around for more updates from MoonROK.







Source: WONDER GIRLS Facebook


All visual media courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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