Wonder Girls Discussing Renewing Contract with JYP

Wonder Girls | moonROK
Wonder Girls | moonROK

visual media courtesy of JYP Entertainment


According to a JYP Entertainment representative, the members of Wonder Girls are in the midst of renegotiating their contracts, as their contracts end mid-January.

The decision on whether or not the will re-sign has not yet been made, but both parties are carefully considering their options. The group made their debut back in 2007, and their most recent comeback was “Why So Lonely” back in July. There have been a few instances of member changes for the group throughout the years, but the current members considering re-signing are Yubin, Yenny, Sunmi, and Lim.

There’s sure to be more news about the group’s status soon, so stay tuned to moonROK for all the latest Kpop updates!


Source: StarNews


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