Wonder Girls Claim MelOn Chart’s No. 1 Spot for 4th Consecutive Week

Even though Wonder Girls have wrapped up their promotions for their latest single “Why So Lonely,” the song is staying strong on the digital charts. 

When released in early July, “Why So Lonely” achieved an immediate all-kill on Korea’s major music charts, and as of noon KST on July 27, the song is still sitting at the top position on Korea’s biggest music site, MelOn.

The song is also holding high position on other charts, ranking at number 3 on Genie, Naver Music, Soribada and Monkey.

With digital music charts normally in constant fluctuation, Wonder Girls’ impressive performance once again confirms the group’s popularity.

In 2007, Wonder Girls held the #1 chart position with their song “Tell Me” for 8 consecutive weeks on MelOn, leaving many curious as to whether history might repeat itself with “Why So Lonely.”

The track was compsoed by Sunmi, Hyelim and producer Hong Ji Sang, with Yoobin joining Sunmi and Hyelim in writing the lyrics. This is also the first time that Wonder Girls have promoted a title song that was not produced by JYP founder Park Jin Young.

If you haven’t yet, check out the music video for “Why So Lonely” below, and be sure to stick around MoonROK for updates on Wonder Girls and your other favorite Kpop artists and idols.

Source: Xports News

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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