Wiz Khalifa Puts Taeyeon on Blast for Dropping Out of MAMA Collab, Taeyeon Refutes Claims

Taeyeon | moonROK
Taeyeon | moonROK

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This weekend the annual Mnet Asian Music Awards (also known as MAMA) were held in Hong Kong.

MAMA is perhaps most famous for its unexpected collaboration stages between Kpop artists and Western artists, and this year was no different.

This year it was announced prior to the ceremony that rapper Wiz Khalifa would be appearing on stage alongside Zico, but it was also revealed just before MAMA that he would also be doing a surprise performance of “See You Again” with Taeyeon singing the hook.


Despite rehearsal footage of the collaboration surfacing (above), the joint stage never happened. Following the ceremony Wiz Khalifa threw some serious shade at Taeyeon, uploading the following message to his personal Twitter: “The fact that Teyeon backed out of our performance caught me off guard too but never accept rejection as failure.”

The tweet of course sent the Internet into a frenzy, leading to various accusations and speculation as to why Taeyeon would back out of the stage. Following Wiz’s tweet, Taeyeon clarified the issue from her side, uploading the following message to her Instagram story:

Because there seem to be a lot of people who are curious about yesterday’s stage (I would be too), I’ll explain what happened. For yesterday’s rehearsal, I greeted Wiz Khalifa and we were preparing for the stage when I heard that there was a problem with the audio for the performance. We couldn’t properly check the audio and we ended up not being able to perform together. It was really very disappointing. To do the live performance we needed the MR version but only the AR version was prepared. It was somewhat strange that they wanted me to do a live performance [with only AR prepared], but this stage and collaboration were so meaningful… opportunities like this don’t come often. So I thought, maybe I’ll just have to sing louder than the AR to solve the problem. Everyone did their best to put together an amazing collaboration stage, so we continued with the plans to perform. However, a few hours before the performance I was unfortunately told that the stage was cancelled. It seems that there are all sorts of complications and things that we can’t help can arise with overseas performances. I also heard that the day before the performance there were also problems with the equipment during rehearsal… so I went back to the hotel while waiting for the Wiz Khalifa rehearsal. It seems that there were a lot of problems with this performance. I was also very disappointed and sad that I couldn’t do this amazing stage. I hope that there won’t be any misunderstandings about all of this. And to all of the people who already knew about the stage and were looking forward to it, I will do my best to greet you with an even better performance next time. Thank you to everyone who supported and gave me strength to the very end yesterday.

Wiz, however, was not impressed by the explanation. After a fan tweeted at him with a translation of Taeyeon’s message, Wiz quoted the tweet and responded with a different story, saying that Taeyeon had gone to the hospital, asked to be on a different stage than him, and directly cancelled the performance herself.

Following the tweet, Taeyeon once again responded, saying that she did not in fact go to the hospital.


The caption in Taeyeon’s video reads: “I didn’t go to the hospital… this friend… after waiting for you I’m just now washing up.”

Mnet has yet to make a statement as to what the real story is, so we may never know what really went down or why the performance was ultimately cancelled, but here’s to hoping that this misunderstanding won’t be the end of East/West collaborations for Kpop artists.


Source: Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter, Taeyeon’s Instagram

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