Winner’s Mino, iKon’s Bobby to Form Subunit

Mino from Winner and Bobby from iKon will be coming together to form a rap sub-unit.

On June 30th, YG revealed “Song Mino and Bobby are preparing for their unit activities. We have finished filming the music video. They are also currently working separately on their solo albums”. Both will drop their own solo songs this coming July, and later come together in August to form a unit. It seems the unit will focus mainly on hip-hop, a style that both Winner and Ikon have not had the chance to try yet.

Being the main rappers in their respective groups, both Song Mino and Bobby gained recognition for their talent through Mnet’s rap competition show, “Show Me the Money”, with Bobby winning in season 3 and Song Minho placing second in season 4. Therefore, a collaboration between the two is expected to draw a lot of attention from both hip-hop fans and fans of the two group alike.

Due to previous reports of the two having solo promotions at the same time, fans had been expecting an intense competition between the two artists. However, by letting them promote as a unit, YG also aims to provide a more colorful musical style and collaboration experience.


Source: OSEN

All visual media courtesy of OSEN
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