WINNER Talks About Their Kiss Scenes in ‘Making the Film’ Cuts for ‘Baby Baby’

With just 3 days left until WINNER‘s big comeback, the group is giving fans a sneak peek at what their new music video for “Baby Baby” will look like.

In a “Making the Film” video released today, the group talks about the numerous kiss scenes that happen in the music video.

After showing a preview of his kiss scene, Seunghoon says, “The director had us do a few kiss scenes… I wish it would just be Mino who does them, because he does them so well.”

 Mino then responds by saying, “If I say it from my own mouth it’s kind of embarassing… out of all of our members aren’t I the most manly? Am I not? Was I unlucky?” causing laughter on the set.

Check out the “Making the Film” clip for WINNER’s new single “Baby Baby” below, and stick around moonROK for more details on the group’s upcoming release.


Source: YG Entertainment


All visual and audio media courtesy of YG Entertainment
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