WINNER Member Mino to Join Season 4 of ‘Show Me the Money’

It has juts been announced that WINNER member Mino will be a contestant on the next season of popular rap survival show, “Show Me the Money.”

A representative from YG Entertainment told the media today, “It is true that Song Mino will be joining ‘Show Me the Money’. Mino, who likes rapping, will compete fiercely in the same conditions as the other competitors.”

Last season, iKON members Bobby and B.I both competed on season 3 of “Show Me the Money,” earning themselves an immense amount of popularity from not just fans but the public in general.

“Show Me the Money 4” is recruiting competitors until April 30 and will begin broadcasting in June, so be sure to keep an eye on moonROK for more updates on the constestants.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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