Win Tickets to Kim Tae Woo’s Sold-Out NYC Show!

g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo is playing a very intimate live show in New York City on Thursday, November 13th, and just a week after the show’s announcement, tickets are sold out.

Luckily for you moonROK readers, we are giving you the exclusive chance to win two tickets to the show! Not only will we give you two tickets, but we’ll also give you two autographed CDs and a chance for you and your friend to meet Kim Tae Woo himself. BOOM.

This is the chance of a lifetime for all you Kim Tae Woo and g.o.d fans out there, so make sure you enter! Here’s how:


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3. That’s it! We’ll pick our favorite response from the comments thread and that user will win tickets to the sold-out show in NYC! You can comment as many times as you want to increase your chances of winning, so get going!


Entries will close at 5:00pm EST on November 12th and we will announce the winner shortly after so that you will have plenty of time to pick a friend to bring and get yourself ready for the concert the next day!


And the winner of our giveaway is……. Soluna! Congratulations!!! You will receive an email shortly with further instructions on how to claim your tickets for tomorrow’s show!


Thank you to all of our entrants for supporting moonROK, and fear not! There will be plenty of awesome giveaways like this in the future!



No purchase necessary.
Transportation not provided.
Free participation via method listed above.
Anyone who enters is eligible to participate in the giveaway.
Giveaway runs from November 10, 2014 to November 12, 2014.
Giveaway run by moonROK LLC, New York, New York.
Participants can enter as many times as they want, but can only be chosen to win one time.
List of winners will be announced before or on November 12, 2014.

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  1. yoomsie 8 years ago
    g.o.d has always been my favorite group since I was very young. My favorite song from them would have to be Road (Gil), the title song for their 4th album. I think people can really relate to this song no matter how old or young because we are always thinking about our future and how we want to live out the rest of our lives, as the song contemplates. The group itself has turned my life around helping to me find my identity has a second generation Korean American, so it would mean a great deal to see Kim Tae Woo live this week!
  2. Kittyny91 8 years ago
    My favorite song by Kim Taewoo is Love Rain, I absolutely love this song because it showcases his voice so well! Kim Taewoo has an amazing voice and to be able to hear him sing live would be absolutely AMAZING~
  3. Aliceny1708 8 years ago
    I love all of g.o.d’s songs but if I had to choose one of them, it definitely would be One Candle from Chapter 3. Whenever I encounter tough situation, I used to overthinking a lot and it led me to negative thoughts. However, ever since I listen to One Candle, I started thinking positively because the message in this song was so powerful and I felt five of them encouraging me through the lyrics. I was a little teenage girl living in Seoul when they first came out, and now I’m in New York for my education. It would be another encouragement if I have a chance to see Kim Tae Woo live on this Thursday!
  4. hyperright 8 years ago
    When I think back when I was introduced into Korean music in 2002, g.o.d. was one of the first groups I had a strong interest in. Naturally, Tae Woo’s voice instantly grasped my heart and I found myself in love. Gil was one of the first songs I heard from them and that moment was a turning point for me. Recently experiencing their 15th Anniversary Reunion concert only a couple of days ago, I would love to relive that experience again with my favorite member of g.o.d..
  5. hyperright 8 years ago
    It’s because of g.o.d. that I’ve met one of my good friends. We met on a kpop forum years ago (kpopmusicforums) and we definitely connected through g.o.d.. Lots of late nights talking about them, their music and performances, and how we hoped one day we could meet them. Because of that, we made one of their songs “our song” and that happens to be ‘Friday Night’. Every time it comes up on my iPod or iTunes, I can’t help but want to break out in the choreographed routine for the song and think of the great friendship I was able to find through the forum and g.o.d..

    I would love the chance to meet Tae Woo with her so our dream can come true (even if partially).

  6. LJMoya 8 years ago
    first of all, I’m from the Philippines and I actually don’t know anyone in the Phil. that knows Kim Tae Woo, maybe only if they hear some anyways. I haven’t been a long fan of g.o.d but for years and years of listening to korean music, i believe that there is no one like Kim Tae Woo, His sweet, warm and light voice made me become a huge fan. Listening to his songs really warms my heart, whether it’s an upbeat or a slow song. I really think no one can be compared to Kim Tae Woo.
  7. yoomsie 8 years ago
    Despite the changes in time and trends, I feel that g.o.d’s music never grows old. I never get tired of listening to their albums, no matter how old they are. Actually, I listen to them every night as I go to sleep. A lot of people tell me that I’m too young to know and like g.o.d so much but I think age really does not matter. Their music can and does reach out to many hearts of different ages. Growing up in NY, it had always been a dream to see them live since they had never performed in the states at an age I was able to see them. Seeing and meeting Kim Tae Woo live (even if it is not all of g.o.d) really would be a lifelong dream come true!
  8. SilKim17 8 years ago
    어머님께 (uhmuhnim ggae) is my favorite song sang by G.O.D. When I first heard this song, I became an immediate fan of both Tae Woo oppa and G.O.D. — and it hasn’t changed for 15 years!

    Coming to America at a very young age, this song helped me a lot as I was able to relate to it on multiple levels. Most importantly though, it helped me to realize the importance of my mother and my family. To this day, Tae Woo oppa’s voice reminds me of how important my mother is and it touches me to the point where it brings tears to my eyes. To me, his voice is both touching and powerful in ways beyond just sound.

    It would be amazing if I got a chance to hear this song live with my mom at the concert. Thank you so much for this chance!

  9. soluna 8 years ago
    [redacted] Thank you to MoonROK for the opportunity! You guys are awesome!
  10. soluna 8 years ago
  11. soluna 8 years ago
  12. LJMoya 8 years ago
    to be honest I really want to see and hear Kim Tae Woo sing as a solo artist.. when i first heard “하고싶은 말” i literally cried…i want to relive that moment again and this time..”live”
  13. hyperright 8 years ago
    I think I’ll probably make this my last comment because I’ll feel like I’m spamming otherwise (lol)

    The reason why I would like to see Tae Woo live is not only is he my favorite g.o.d. member who I respect and hold up high for his talent and personality, but I feel like an opportunity like this will probably never happen again, especially for someone like myself who is non-Asian. I think it would be harder for someone like me to get the chance to meet someone as great and as talented as Tae Woo. So I would like to take full advantage of this opportunity, even if I only have a small chance. But this is a chance I’m willing to take. So thank you to moonROK for even making this possible!

  14. LJMoya 8 years ago
    one more thing… i went to g.o.d’s reunion concert in NY.. I had a GA(cuz my friends had GA so yeah~~)…and it was hell~~~ don’t get me wrong.. I really had a blast.. i’m not gonna single out what happened..because i might spill too much info

    this time i just want to listen to Kim Tae Woo sing~~~one of my motivators in pursuing my singing career

  15. LJMoya 8 years ago
    i never do these kind of events like posting comments and stuff..i’m doing this because i’m really desperate to have this ticket
  16. LJMoya 8 years ago
    I wanna see Kim Tae Woo live because you don’t always see a singer who wants to tug at your heart strings and start a conversation(thru singing) about all the important things in life.
  17. LJMoya 8 years ago
    I wanna see Kim Tae Woo sing live… because he is the coolest of all when he sings
  18. LJMoya 8 years ago
    another thing….one main reasons why i want to see Kim Tae Woo is he always full of surprises with his talent.. and also (if he will do it) he makes one of the best-EST renditions (song cover) of other people’s songs i.e. SNSD’s Gee
  19. yoomsie 8 years ago
    The most important reason g.o.d is an important part of my life, is because they helped to shape the person I am today. Growing up as a second generation Korean American, I naturally did not want to be Korean but more American. However, when I came across this group and their music in my elementary years, I became interested. That interest showed me a whole new world of the Korean culture. Learning their songs, watching their shows, all of these things helped me to become not only familiar with the Korean culture but motivated me to learn the language as my parents had dearly wanted. I am very grateful for this because in NY, being a perfect bilingual is in much demand in so many different industries. The group has also taught me to dream of things that I normally would not have due to my shy personality. They helped me to find courage to do things I never would have imagined years ago. I owe this group a lot for making such a big impact in my life. I would really like to express this gratitude to Kim Tae Woo and watch his show, hoping to be enlightened again.
  20. LJMoya 8 years ago
    all songs from his first solo album are very special in my heart. they literally made me cry. It’s incredible to know, and to recognize how they shaped my life, got into my soul and how they influenced other musicians. It’s a great feeling. different flow, different feel; it’s great!
  21. msoojlee 8 years ago
    I would love to meet Kim Tae Woo because that’s how my family bonds. Listening to g.o.d. and watching all the shows they came on was the best times our family had together. We loved them and the feeling so much that our mother decided to take us to Flushing many years back when they came to NY for the ChooSeok Festival and even put us (fairly grown children) on her shoulders so we can see better. Now my sister, who was 7 at the time, takes great pride in being a g.o.d. fan and we both are sore and lost our voices at the concert on Sunday! I would love to see Kim Tae Woo with my sister on Thursday!
  22. Aliceny1708 8 years ago
    I would like to share another story of mine why I’m so in love with g.o.d and their music. From my junior high school years, g.o.d has always been my favorite group and that made my teenage years a lot more memorable not just so focused on studying.
    My best friend and I used to sing every song of g.o.d on our way to school and to home and it was best part of the day.
    Especially, Kim Tae Woo’s voice has a power of soothing and calming myself, that’s why g.o.d’s songs have been my strength since I was 15.
    I’m gonna be another year older next week. It would be a best birthday present ever if I can go to listen to his live concert in NYC, and I need to be powered up by this to go through the remaining year of 2014!
  23. jkim 8 years ago
    I have the fondest memories – the good and the bad – of listening to g.o.d alongside my mom as a child. Most times, it was in the kitchen as I made a mess, thinking I was the greatest help. Other times, it was in the car – the song accompanying us as a third presence. I remember hearing my favorite song, “To My Mother,” behind closed doors, prompting me to slightly nudge open the door and peek, only to see my mom in fetal position, silently sobbing. I quickly withdrew with a sense that I had invaded her privacy, never to mention it. It was only as an older teen that I began to understand why that song brought her to tears. I appreciate that, as artists, g.o.d can so powerfully communicate with their audience through the simplest yet most sensible and intricate lyrics. When I heard “mother said she didn’t like jajangmyun” as a kid, I giggled and wondered why mom didn’t like jajangmyun. Hearing it in high school and now, I have a deeper admiration for both g.o.d and the song because I recognize that she didn’t eat not because she didn’t like it but because the family was poor. They convey hearty emotions from their circumstance, so I, with a relatable background, feel compelled. Even for songs that I can’t relate to, they impart meaningful lyrics that recognize the small things in life. This would be the perfect opportunity to thank one who brought me songs that speak so endearingly to my heart.
  24. ESP 8 years ago
    Thank you for staying on top of your social media accounts to assist me in logging into your site. I was trying to purchase 2 tickets for my good friend’s birthday, but the show was suddenly and regrettably sold out. If I really need to explain the various reasons why us 86’ers need to go to this 김태우 show…we might be in different generations. ^_^

    Of course, the classics, such as 어머님께, 길, 편지, etc. are known to G.O.D fans, but I’m talking about the nitty-gritty of 김태우. 사랑비 is definitely up on my list, and hoping for a rendition of MC Mong’s “I love you, Oh thank you”.

    REGARDLESS of my love for the korean language and korean music, plain and simple, my friend and I are KOREAN, and will understand the music, and PUMP UP THE CROWD–trust me. =D
    *this comment would have been in korean, but I’m at work…thanks for tweeting.

    SEE Y’ALL THERE~!!!! …I got the first round. ;p

  25. tifferrr 8 years ago
    There are so so many good songs but my favorite 김태우 song would have to be “I Love U Oh Thank U”. 김태우’s charismatic and heart-melting voice had me yearning for more. This song was the first to really spark my interest in k-pop and Korean culture and language. Because this song was a huge turning point in my life, it holds a special place in my heart. I would DIE to see 태우오빠 perform live in new york especially after a long week of midterms and interviews. HE IS JUST TOO TALENTED AND HIS VOICE IS SO HEART-MELTING AND ANGELIC AND BRINGS BACK SO MANY MEMORIES AHHHHHHHHHHH
  26. LJMoya 8 years ago
    it’s really hard to choose which of Kim Tae Woo’s songs is my favorite… i mentioned one already, also the album… but, one of my all time favorites is 사랑비 (Love Rain). the beauty of the orchestrations and Kim Tae Woo’s performance throughout is thrilling. It really opened my mind up to the musical possibilities. The band is great, the backup singers are terrific – it’s all out of this world.
  27. LJMoya 8 years ago
    I tried not to disclose something very personal but I’ll share a very sensitive story of mine. I’ve been diagnose with clinical depression. There are times where I want to commit suicide, this was when I lost purpose in life before and after moving here in New York. But then after being hooked up with korean songs and listening to Kim Tae Woo’s version of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” with Bobby Kim saved me. It puts me at ease. It’s like therapy for a bad day. I might interpret the song in a wrong or different way but it made me realize that I can still be happy about the little things in my life despite that it hasn’t been going to well. Also, it made me realize all of the things I love and will miss. It’s so refreshing to see that there are still people out there trying to spread a positive message about life and appreciation towards even the simplest things.
  28. SilKim17 8 years ago
    I truly believe that Taewoo has the best vocal in all of Korea and that he can stand side by side with the greatest vocals of the world.
    Of course I love every single song that TaeWoo sang, but my favorite solo song by TaeWoo is “Love Rain”. When GOD broke up, I was afraid that I would never get a chance to hear TaeWoo’s voice again except from my old GOD CDs. When TaeWoo came out with Love Rain, it gave me proof that he was the best singer who will be around for a long time to come. For me, this song symbolizes hope and consolation. I will be forever grateful to moonROK and it’ll really mean the world to me to see TaeWoo performing live this week.
  29. LJMoya 8 years ago
    Kim Tae Woo has inspired me to believe in myself and my dreams! There was a time when I didn’t think my dreams could happen, but he taught me otherwise! Also, he’s inspired me to be myself… I’ve struggled with my self image, but thanks to him, I now know that I’m worth more than gold and that I don’t have to be anybody else to be beautiful or loved.

    I want to show my thanks to him by going to his concert..

  30. LJMoya 8 years ago
    another reason why I want to see him badly is because when he talked about retirement back in 2011 (i believe) i was really shock that’s he’ll retire at the age of 45… in hopes of him changing his mind.. i still want to grab this opportunity and “savor” everything….
  31. ESP 8 years ago
    after fan-girling all day, and reading some of the comments below…DO Y’ALL EVEN 김태우??!?! haha jkjk #NoHate.

    but honestly, G.O.D., will forever live in my cassettes/CDs, but LIVE 김태우 would be too nice. Also, although I’ve never been to the venue, it looks like an intimate setting and a great setup for live acts. *I did my research.

    I got coverage for yall for AOMG at ECHOSTAGE–bartender. ;p

  32. LJMoya 8 years ago
    Write a comment…

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