Wheesung Announces 2nd ‘WS Duet’ Project Featuring Geeks

After August’s “WS Duet” project between Wheesung and Bumkey with “How Much Is Your Love,” Wheesung is back for a second project song. Wheesung will release “Stay Friends” on various music sites as his seond “WS Duet” project song.

The “WS Duet” project’s second song “Stay Friends” features the nationally acclaimed vocalist, Wheesung, and Geeks, who is whipping up a storm in the music industry. The song is a soulful hip hop song that perfectly balances Wheesung’s unique soulful voice and the catchy raps Geeks are known for.

In order to provide the listeners with higher quality music and deeper emotions, Wheesung began showcasing his amazing talent as a musician through the first “WS Duet” project with Bumkey, “How Much Is Your Love,” and became a hot topic in the music industry.

Wheesung will be holding his first solo concert in four years titled “WHEESHOW” on October 11th at the Busan KBS Hall.


Source: YMC Entertainment

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