Watch Ailee Murder Her Live KCON NY Performance When the Music Cuts Out

It’s no secret that Ailee has some of the best pipes in the business, but a playback fluke at KCON NY reminded us just how talented the vocalist really is.

Ailee was one of the many performers who took the stage at the Prudential Center for KCON 2016 in New York (New Jersey) this year, and during her performance of “Mind Your Own Business,” the back track suddenly cut out.

Ailee and her backup dancers looked surprised for maybe half a second before Ailee pulled a Cady Heron and sang live without the music, encouraging the crowd to join in and earning wild cheers from the crowd upon completing the performance sans-music.

Check out Ailee’s acapella recovery from the technical difficulties here, and be sure to stick around MoonROK for more updates on your favorite Kpop artists and idols.


Source: YouTube

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