UPDATED with VIDEO: SM Entertainment Officially Dubs EXO Fans ‘EXO-L’

SM Entertainment has just given EXO fans an official name: EXO-L.

In a message uploaded onto SM’s official website just now, an EXO representative stated:

“Hello. This is from EXO’s representative.

Thank you everyone for supporting EXO always without reservation.

Now, for what so many fans have been waiting for!!! EXO’s official fan club has been named EXO-L, which EXO chose themselves.

EXO-L is short for EXO-LOVE, and as L is between the K and M in the alphabetical order, it reflects the idea that EXO and EXO fans — for both EXO-K and EXO-M — are one. It also is in line with EXO’s team cheer, “WE ARE ONE.” 

From now on, you can refer to the fan club as EXO-L.

The official fanclub is called “EXO OFFICIAL GLOBAL FANCLUB ‘EXO-L.'” From noon today (in Korea), you can join the fan club through the EXO-L official website. Anyone around the world who loves EXO can be part of EXO-L.”


UPDATE: EXO also left their fans a video, informing them on how to join the official EXO-L fanclub, check it out below: 


Congratulations to EXO-L on their newly acquired name!


Source: SMTOWN Website

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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