UPDATED: Korean Media Reports Jessica to Marry in May 2015 then Move to NYC; Tyler Kwon Denies

Shortly after the shocking news that she would be leaving her group, it has just been reported by Sports Dongah that Jessica has solid plans to start her new life outside of Girls’ Generation. Below is the translation of the relevant points from the article.

According to multiple industry professionals, Jessica has plans to marry Tyler Kwon in May of 2015. The industry professionals stated, “All of the major details have already been prepared. The wedding will be in Hong Kong, and then Jessica will start her life in New York and Hong Kong.”

Earlier today, SM Entertainment confirmed that Jessica would be leaving Girls’ Generation, saying, “Jessica let us know that after one more group album this coming spring, she would be leaving the group to pursue personal activities.” SM hasn’t specifically explained it yet, but it seems that Jessica’s “personal activities” include her marriage.

Having just launched her brand BLANC and her first sunglasses line, Jessica plans to study fashion design in New York after the wedding. It has been reported that she has already begun looking into various programs at fashion schools. Jessica plans to further expand her brand as the CEO and designer of BLANC. Meanwhile Koridel Capital Partners, the investment company where Tyler Kwon serves as the CEO of the entertainment division, is headquartered in New York.

In response to the news of Jessica leaving Girls’ Generation, SM Entertainment stated yesterday that “Jessica’s individual activities will continue to be supported and managed by SM Entertainment.”


NOTE: Neither Jessica nor SM Entertainment have yet released an official statement on these reports yet. moonROK is merely trying to give you all the details as they are reported by valid media sources in Korea. We will be sure to update with Jessica or SM’s official statement as soon as it is made, but until then, be sure to bear in mind that many reports from Korea are based upon speculation.


UPDATE: Tyler Kwon has just uploaded a message to his personal Weibo stating that he has no plans for marriage anytime soon. In his post, Tyler writes:

Sigh, I guess we’ll have to try this yet again: I have no plans of marriage anytime soon, whether it be this year…next year… If that wasn’t clear enough, let me know. I’ll just keep trying…


UPDATE 2: Tyler has just mentioned Jessica on his original post with a mysterious message claiming that the “truth about what really happened” will be revealed. The comment is attached below: 


There has still been no statement from SM Entertainment or Jessica on the matter, but moonROK will be sure to update this article as soon as it happens.


Source: Sports Dongah, Tyler Kwon Weibo

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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  1. CEOSica 7 years ago
    Jessica would never be able to live in New York, manage her company in Hong Kong and promote in Korea as a SNSD member… On top of that she was supposed to manage her family with Tyler as well… That’s har

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