Update: Luhan’s Legal Proceedings

The lawsuit that now-ex member of EXOLuhan, has filed against SM Entertainment to nullify his exclusive contract appears to be underway.

According to legal officials, the Seoul Central District Court has allocated Luhan’s suit against SM entertainment to Civil Case 46 on October 15th.

The date to plead the case is scheduled to be arranged shortly after SM Entertainment receives and responds to the lawsuit documents. However, before the date is finalized, the department of Justice could set up a mediation period to advise both parties to reach an agreement.

10 days ago, Luhan filed a suit to nullify his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.

The same law firm and attorney that filed Kris’ suit against SM to nullify his exclusive contract this past May will be taking on Luhan’s case as well.

Luhan’s counsel has expressed through a written complaint that “SM has discriminated between team K, composed of Korean members, and team M, composed of Chinese members.” The counsel goes on to state, “Team K has received financial support from SM while being more active in the entertainment world from the beginning of their debut, whereas Team M spent a hard time without any financial support or media presence.”

Problems with the income distribution were also filed.  According to Luhan’s counsel, he received 530 million KRW (about $500,000 USD) from SM from last October until now. They claimed that considering the intensity of the business and the group’s popularity, the amount given was excessively small.

Moreover, Luhan’s counsel revealed that his health has worsened due to unreasonable schedules and excessive interference in personal life, and that “Luhan has been in a continued state of exhaustion due to irregular meal times and insufficient sleep, as well as stress from insomnia and labored breathing, and his chest pains have worsened.”

SM opposed by stating “The plaintiff has no real reason to file a suit; furthermore to file a suit using the same law firm using the same method only means that the plaintiff, after rising to stardom and fame through the group, has turned his back against all those involved in the contract, including the agency, and is prioritizing his own gain.”

EXO, the group Luhan is affiliated to, debuted in 2012 and has since been active across Asia. Currently, Exo is on their tour, “EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1—THE LOST PLANET.” They are planning to meet their fans in Fukuoka, Japan from November 11 to the 13th. SM stated that “EXO’s media presence and activities will henceforth continue without a problem.” 

Source: Star News
Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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