‘Unnies’ to Release Digital Version of ‘Shut Up’, Perform on Music Bank

Girl group project “Unnies” from KBS’s variety program’s “Sister Slam Dunk” is releasing their single “Shut Up” tonight, with a teaser of the music video.

“Unnies” was created in order to help the show’s member, Min Hyorin, to realize her dream of becoming a girl group member. Written and produced by Park Jinyoung and featuring of Yoo Heeyeol, the song “Shut Up” is garnering a lot of expectations. A funk song with strong beat and addictive melody, “Shut Up” is an anthem for strong, independent girls that want to send warnings to bad boys. All the members of “Sister Slam Dunk” take part in this song, allowing us to hear for the first time the vocals of Min Hyorin, Ra Miran, Kim Suk, and Hong Jinkyung, in addition to Jessi’s powerful rapping and Tiffany’s well-known vocals. Park Jinyoung himself not only took part in the production of the song, but also directed the performance, which made the song’s hype even more amped up.

The producer of “Sister Slam Dunk” said, “Thanks to the viewers’ warm response and interest, we were able to gather strength and finally release the digital version of the song. We are planning to donate the profits earned from the song. We hope everyone will look forward to their debut stage on Music Bank  with us.”

The jacket image of the single has also been recently revealed, showing all 6 members looking tough yet sexy at the same time in black outfits and high heels. After digital release of “Shut Up”, “Unnies” will have their debut stage on July 1st KBS Music Bank, so stay tuned to MoonROK for more.


Source: KBS Media

All visual media courtesy of KBS
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