TWICE’s Real-Time All-Kill Carries Over to Weekly Chart Domination

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment

TWICE made a massive splash in Kpop with the release of their latest single “TT”, and the hype shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

Weekly chart positions have just been released, and TWICE’s “TT” remains number 1 on all eight of Korea’s major music charts. This means not only is “TT” #1 on the real time charts, it’s also #1 on today’s daily chart, and that it has maintained that top position for a week straight.

“TT” is by far TWICE’s most successful release of their career so far, and their chart success despite stiff competition from both their contemporaries and senior artists might be an omen for even bigger successes to come.

We’ll keep you updated on TWICE’s chart domination as it continues, so be sure to stick around moonROK.


Source: Herald News

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