TWICE Reclaims Top Spot from Taeyeon, “TT” Back at #1 on Realtime Chart

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment

The past 24 hours have been nothing if not a roller coaster, or should we say, TWICEcoaster (sorry, it was too easy).

TWICE’s smash hit “TT” has been reigning atop the Melon realtime charts since its release on October 23. The song’s #1 streak was broken briefly by Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s new single “11:11”, but it seems that as of this morning, “TT” is truly unstoppable.

Around 7am KST this morning, after multiple close calls and a very tight race, “TT” rose back to #1 and is once again steadily increasing its lead.

The Melon realtime chart is famous for constantly fluctuating depending on the latest releases, so the fact that TWICE has held the top spot with minimal interruption for 10 days straight is no small feat.

We’ve still got tons of November comebacks coming our way (BTOB, B.A.P, T-ARA, etc.), so it will be incredibly interesting to see whether TWICE can maintain their reign of the charts with so many senior artists releasing singles soon.


Source: Melon

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