Tiffany Uploads Second, Longer Apology Letter

Tiffany of Girl’s Generation, who was recently involved in a politcally charged Snapchat incident, has uploaded a second apology letter via Instagram to atone for her mistake.

Her Instagram post was a hand written letter in Korean, which translates to the following:

“Hello, this is Tiffany.

After making so large a mistake and giving so weak an apology, I felt as if I hurt and disappointed many of you, and no longer had the courage to give my more sincere apology. With a nervous and shaking heart I ask for your forgiveness. Although I should have said something when it happened, I will now try my best to explain myself.

I uploaded an image of the Japanese Rising Sun Flag on the remembrance day of Korea’s liberation from the Japanese invasion. Considering the importance of Liberation Day, it is a much larger mistake for me to have made.

As many have said, I was unaware of how little I knew about the history of the Rising Sun Flag and I was insensitive to the pain of past occurences. I’m very sorry for the pain I’ve caused through my ignorance and shortsightedness. I’m so sorry to have hurt those who have loved and supported me.

I’ve been able to pursue music only thanks to those who have unfailingly believed in me and loved me. Although I have received love like this for so long, I was still uneducated on even this basic piece of Korean history. I am thoroughly embarassed of how little I actually studied.

Although I have been proud that I have been able to help spread Korean culture as a singer, I realize now that I should have taken more responsibility in fully educating myself as well. I will not forget about that basic responsibility in the future again.

I would like to convey my apologies for the mistake that I commited on so important a day as Korean Liberation Day once again. Because I realized my mistake so suddenly while at the airport, the apology that I originally wrote up was much too rushed not not enough to convey my guilt. I apologize for that again. I have been regretting my previous inability to deliver my sincerest apology every day since. Although it is late, I sincerely hope you will understand my heart.

Through this controversy, I have been able to realize what is most important to me. I will put forth effort in focusing on improving myself in areas other than just singing and dance.

Although this letter is long and latecoming, thank you for taking your time to read through it. “

On August 15th, Tiffany unknowingly uploaded a photo on Snapchat using a Japanese geotag featuring the Rising Sun Flag. Being that August 15th is Korea’s Liberation from Japan day, Korean fans were especially hurt by her thoughtless upload. Tiffany has since been suspended from various television and other promotion activities.


Source: Tiffany’s Instagram

Visual media courtesy of SM Entertainment
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