Tiffany Talks Perfectionism, Wanting to Go to the Grammy’s, Her Hatred for Laziness, and More in Interview

Girls’ Generation are the cover stars of this month’s issue of The Celebrity, and the magazine has been steadily releasing individual interviews with each of the members. The magazine’s fifth interview subject is Tiffany, whose drive, work ethic, and progress are all obvious through her answers to the interviewer’s questions. Check out the full translation of the interview below, and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Your image of focusing on every little thing while filming is impressive. That meticulousness and carefulness seems to be your true self.

I can’t allow for mistakes. In order for everyone to be happy there’s no other way but to create a quality result. Even if the process is hard, it has to be perfect.


You really seem to be a perfectionist.

It bothers the people around me, but it’s really tiring for me too. To anyone, that sort of fine tuning must be cumbersome and tiring, and I’m so grateful that the members understand my mindset. They tell me, “Tiffany, thanks to your opinion there’s something that’s definitely better”.


At the beginning there must have been many misunderstandings.

Later on I found out that there were much more than I thought. As I was working, I would meet someone one time and speak too informally to them, so it probably seemed like I had a greedy heart and a lot of malice, but I wasn’t trying to bully anyone.


As news of the comeback comes out, it seems that Girls’ Generation’s new concept is the public’s greatest interest.

Of course, Girls’ Generation has promoted with iconic concepts, but it seems to have just happened that way. Girls’ Generation has always had concepts that naturally fit our age. There’s a motif of a woman’s growth with age.


What stage of growth is Girls’ Generation in right now?

Even though it seems like we know ourselves at this age, we don’t seem to know what time we’re in. So my forcefulness is seriously deflated by that situation sometimes.


What do you mean by your forcefulness being deflated?

When it goes down, I realize that there’s a certain coolness that can only come when you take away your forcefulness. It’s a charm that can only be seen from an honest form. Is this what they call mature beauty?


For a perfectionist to take away their forcefulness when making decisions must take guts and an adventurous mind.

Haha, I enjoy a challenge!


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve fearlessly taken on in your life?

In my third year of middle school, I blindly came to Korea. Just three weeks after passing my SM Entertainment audition, I made the decision and came to Korea. My life was in America, and my parents thought I had lost my mind. Even looking back at it now, it was definitely my most reckless challenge.


Your life’s temperature is hot. Is there ever a time where you just laze around?

Of course. In fact because I’m so lazy, I’m living diligently so that I won’t be. When I’m lazy I do absolutely nothing. I hate it when I’m lazy.


What’s the reason for running hot all the time?

Because I had the goal of becoming Asia’s representative singer, like BoA sunbae-nim.


Are you going to keep on running?

I’m waiting for another challenge. I want to release a solo album in America in my 30s. My dream has always been to go to the Grammy Awards and to perform at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.


Who would you say is your role model?

Jennifer Lopez. I want to become an iconic female solo singer with my own color, music, and lifestyle. While doing my music I also want to produce and develop hoobaes.


Source: The Celebrity

Images courtesy of The Celebrity
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