Tiffany and Simon D Check Into ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ in New MV

Following the release of her first solo album “I Just Wanna Dance” last month, Girls’ Generation member Tiffany is now back with another song “Heartbreak Hotel” featuring Simon D, released on June 10th 12am KST.

A part of SM’s digital single series “SM Station” in which music videos are scheduled to release every Friday of the year, “Heartbreak Hotel” is the result of a collaboration between SM and AOMG – Korea’s leading hip hop record label. This is not the first time SM has worked with other producers/artists for their SM Station release, as exampled by other “Station” songs featuring MAMAMOO‘s Wheein, K.Will, and Heize.

Contrary to the upbeat dancing track “I Just Wanna Dance”, as an emotional ballad talking about the end of a long-term relationship, “Heartbreak Hotel” shows us a more feminine and mature image of Tiffany.

You would not want to miss her beautiful vocal, accentuated by Simon D’s powerful rap in the music video below!


Source: SM Entertainment

All visual and audio media courtesy of SM Entertainment
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