Three YG Trainees to Join Team B as Contestants on Upcoming Survival Program, ‘MIX&MATCH’

On September 2nd, YG Entertainment‘s “MIX&MATCH” survival audition program made public its cast and started its countdown until the show airs.

Six contestants have already made themselves known through last year’s “Who Is Next: WIN” survival show — B.I., BOBBY, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yoonhyung, Koo Joonhwei, and Kim Donghyuk — AKA Team B. The additional three contestants will be pulled from YG’s pool of current trainees.

B.I. and BOBBY, who appeared on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3,” as well as the rest of the members in Team B and the three talented new faces are expected to catch the interest of many on “MIX&MATCH.”

Producer Yang Hyunsuk, CEO of YG, will attend the opening presentation/press conference to be held on September 2nd himself and introduce the battle format of “MIX&MATCH” and the “WIN” Team B’s debut project. Last year, Yang revealed that he intends to “disband or reassemble the losing team,” after the A Team was chosen as the winner in “WIN.” 

Big Bang‘s Daesung and actress Yoo In Na were emcees for the final battle of “WIN,” and they plan to assume that role again for the “MIX&MATCH” presentation and encourage their agency’s rising stars.

“MIX&MATCH” is YG’s survival program that aims to create a boy group in a year. It is scheduled to air on both Mnet and Naver.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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