Teen Top Drops Nostalgic Video for ‘Love Comes’

Teen Top has released “Love Comes,” a new song for the fans this summer that takes them all the way back to 2010.

The song “Love Comes” itself is very reminscent of the musical style in 2010, the year Teen Top had their debut, and the music video shows cute clips of behind-the-scenes action from Teen Top’s previous music videos.

Super Changddai, the producer of Teen Top’s debut song, “Clap,” congratulated Teen Top on their 6th anniversary via Twitter, saying, “Teen Top’s 6th anniversary…Such a happy and touching moment that I choked up…They were such cute kids when I first met them. I remembered seeing them sweating profusely while dancing…Now or then, they are still the same, so kind-hearted yet very cool and wild, hehe.”

Super Changddai also produced “Love Comes” to celebrate their anniversary. With the goal of “REMIND 2010 TEEN TOP VOICE”, “Love Comes” shows fans the adorable and fresh image of Teen Top six years ago, as the song was actually the track that Teen Top almost debuted with.

The group has decided to embark on six different projects for their 6th anniversary, including the first one “REMIND 2010 TEEN TOP VOICE” and the second one “TEEP TOP 6TH ANNIVERSARY V LIVE”. Teen Top are all prepared to show fans their different yet charming images through these projects.

The second project “TEEN TOP 6TH ANNIVERSARY V LIVE” will be broadcasted at 3pm on this coming July 10th.

Check out the new music video below and keep checking MoonROK for more information on Teen Top’s other five anniversary projects!



Source: Teen Top Official YouTube Channel, XSports News

All audio and visual media courtesy of TOP Media
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