Taeyeon Talks Listening to Carols in Summer, Her Motivation as a Singer, and More in Interview

The July edition of Korean magazine The Celebrity features Girls’ Generation, and in addition to an extensive photoshoot with the group as a whole, the magazine conducted individual shoots and interviews with each of the eight members of the group. The magazine has slowly been publishing each member’s interview online, and earlier this evening, Taeyeon‘s interview and photos were released. Below is a translation of her interview, accompanied by her solo shots.


As you were recording this album, what thoughts came to mind?

If you include Japanese promotions, up until now we’ve shown so many concepts and changed a lot. This time, I wanted to show off [a concept] that says, “This is us”. We want the public to see it and feel like, “Yep, this is definitely Girls’ Generation”.


What do you think Girls’ Generation’s essence is?

Girls’ Generation is always fun. Whether it’s the feeling of girls chatting amongst themselves when we put on uniforms and sing “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, or a strong concept like “Run Devil Run”, a sense of womanliness always permeates.


If you could only say one thing about this record, what would you want to say?

It’s a good song for the season.


What kind of music do you listen to in the summer?

To be honest, I don’t discriminate between seasons. I listen to carols in the summer, you see (laughs). If you listen to a carol, you know, it’s comfortable and you become happy. Sometimes when I’m thinking, I listen to jazzy carol arrangements or church choir carols.


What do you think is the difference between Girls’ Generation and other girl groups?

Sometimes I look at the members through a third-party perspective, and I see them as fascinating, and I see them as precious, and I am thankful. I want to say that the fact that our members possess so many talents is our biggest strength. I learn so much watching my members. For example, like today doing the most to pose stylishly is a little awkward for me. However, seeing my members create great model-like results, it’s like someone from another planet.


Taeyeon, you seem like a person who was born to sing.

I’m still working hard to do well. I want to say that singing is right for me. I’m becoming more and more confused. But more than anything else, I have the most confidence when I sing. Lately when I watch audition programs, I feel that there are people with an innate ability to express themselves. Therefore I think I have to do better. I’m motivated by them.


Is the reason that you don’t do any outside activities besides TaeTiSeo and musicals because you want to focus on singing?

Yes, that’s correct. I feel like I haven’t properly been a singer yet. It seems like once I do it properly I might have the freedom to develop an interest in some other field.


Of all the traits you inherited from your parents, what is the one you like most?

My mother likes honest and candid people, so I’m trying to become like that. I’m thankful that I have a similar personality to my mom. And my father’s talent in singing (laughs). When I was young I always marveled at my father when he sang.


You always seem to be focused in a natural flow, is there ever a time you do something against your will?

I really don’t go out very well. I hate places where there are lots of people. Tiffany brings that side [you described] out of me. “Just come out, you have to go shopping”. If she says that, even if I didn’t want to go shopping, I just reluctantly follow along. In that way, it’s kind of like if wind blows up your nostrils it forces ventilation.


Could it be that all the time you spend at home, from the fatigue to the sense of distance, is the price of greatness?

Of course I’m thankful to receive attention and it’s happy work, but it’s that way for my own self defense. For me, being at home puts me at ease the most. I also paint at home.


Out of all of Girls’ Generation’s songs, which is your favorite?

Out of our Japanese songs, there’s a song called “Stay Girls” that I like. It’s a song about, even as the years flow by and we change, wanting to remain a girl. I really love the lyrics. Whenever we perform that song on tour in Japan, I feel like I’m going to cry.



Source: The Celebrity

Images courtesy of The Celebrity Magazine
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