Taeyeon Asserts Her Privacy Rights on TaeTiSeo’s Reality Program

Taeyeon reveals her impressions on her first reality program after having a scandal.

On the afternoon of the 22nd at the Media Hall of the CJ E&M Center, OnStyle’s ‘The TaeTiSeo’ production meeting took place. The meeting consisted of Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun, and CP Kim Jiwook.

Taeyeon was presented with the question, “Isn’t it hard to have decided to do a reality program right after scandal?” Taeyeon replied, “We wanted to show what our schedule is like as we prepare for the new album. We also would like to display our fashion and beauty tips on this program. Those two things are the purpose of the show. Even though it is a reality show, I do not need to share everything about my personal life.”

‘The TaeTiSeo” is a program that sheds light on the girls’ life style. From their makeup to the fashion and when and where their schedules take them, the show will air TaeTiSeo’s shocking style. The first episode will be on the 26th of August at 11pm on OnStyle.


Source: TV Report

Photo credit to TV Report
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