G-Dragon Reveals How Taeyang and Girlfriend Min Hyo-rin Met on “Radio Star”

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Images courtesy of Mnet

Tonight BIGBANG made an appearance on the popular Korean talk show “Radio Star,” and made some interesting and honest revelations on air.

Taeyang, who is currently dating actress Min Hyo-rin, admitted that the music video shoot for his most recent hit single “Eyes, Nose, Lips” is indeed where he met his current girlfriend.

On the show Taeyang confessed, “It’s a song I wrote from real-life experience. The song came out when I met Min Hyorin in real life.”

G-Dragon also humorously took credit for matching the two up, adding in, “I think I played a role too. When [Taeyang] was thinking about who should play the female lead in the music video, I told him I knew a friend of a friend who I thought would suit the role.”

G-Dragon continued, “Taeyang had thought about it in advance too. I even went to the music video filming location to monitor his performance, and [Taeyang] was smiling ear to ear. He was supposed to be acting sad but he was so happy.”

Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin have been dating since 2013, and remain together today.


Source: News1

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