Taeyang to Collaborate with Jeff Bernat?

The collaboration between pop singer Jeff Bernat and Big Bang‘s Taeyang is expected to be announced soon.

A music industry official stated that Taeyang and Jeff Bernat are secretly working on a new song together. News of Jeff Bernat who earned the title of “genius R&B musician” and superstar idol Taeyang coming together for a collaboration has been garnering a lot of interest and anticipation.

Actually, Jeff Bernat previously posted on his Twitter, hinting at his collaboration with Taeyang, which aroused the curiosity of fans. However, he later removed the post.

Jeff Bernat is no stranger to Korean listeners. He recently held 3 shows in Korea and has also had his music featured on a number of Korean shows. Particularly in his recent October show in Korea, he performed an English rendition of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” which caught many people’s attention.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bernat is preparing to release a new album early next year. Taeyang is promoting “Good Boy” with fellow member G-Dragon.


Source: Mydaily

Courtesy of YG Entertainment
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