TaeTiSeo’s Reality Show ‘The TaeTiSeo’ to Begin Broadcasting on August 25

It has just been confirmed that TaeTiSeo’s new reality show, “The TaeTiSeo” will have its first broadcast on August 25th.

The show will be broadcast on OnStyle, the same channel that broadcast fellow Girls’ Generation member Jessica’s reality show, Jessica & Krystal.

The program will be revealing TaeTiSeo’s lifestyle; what they love to eat, their tastes in fashion and more that leads them to be the role models of young women.

One OnStyle representative stated, “The show will provide a candid look at Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun’s daily lives, obstacles, and dreams.” The representative continued, “Viewers are anticipating seeing TaeTiSeo in their lives offstage.”


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of OnStyle
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