TaeTiSeo Wins October 2nd Episode of M! Countdown

Yesterday, Mnet aired a highlight special of M! Countdown instead of a live broadcast of the show, and it has just been revealed that TaeTiSeo were the winners of the episode.

This is the second M! Countdown win in a row for the Girls’ Generation unit, who are currently promoting their new single “Holler.”

In a video released by Mnet, the group thanked fans for the win, with Taeyeon saying, “We have just won first place again for the second week in a row with ‘Holler,'” with member Tiffany continuing, “We will continue to show you even better performances.”

Seohyun and Taeyeon closed out the message by saying, “We’re always thankful” and “Please expect a lot from TaeTiSeo in the future.”


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of MBN News
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