TaeTiSeo to Make Comeback in September

It has just been confirmed that Girls’ Generation unit TaeTiSeo will be making their comeback next month.

One entertainment official stated: “TaeTiSeo have just informed us that they have finished recording their new album. Their basic concept of the album has been established, and the girls are now starting to plan their jacket shoot, music video, and everything else.”

Another representative stated, “The new single is an even more upbeat dance track than ‘Twinkle.’ It would be great if everyone anticipates the newly upgraded trio.”

The representative finished by saying, “In particular, the TaeTiSeo members participated heavily in the creation of this album; not just the title song but every song on the album is of high quality.”

An official date has not been named yet for the comeback, but moonROK will have all the details for you when it is!


Source: Sports Chosun

Image courtesy of CJE&M
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