T.O.P Explains His Weird Instagram Habits, G-Dragon Confesses He Almost Unfollowed Him

T.O.P | moonROK

Images courtesy of Mnet

We all know BIGBANG member T.O.P certainly has one of the most… interesting… Instagram accounts out of all of our favorite Kpop stars, and T.O.P too seems to know it.

In his appearance on the popular talk show “Radio Star” tonight, T.O.P admitted, “I’m the #1 most unfollowed celebrity. I get where the fans are coming from though.”

G-Dragon then humorously added in, “Even I almost unfollowed him yesterday,” causing laughter in the studio.

T.O.P explained his strange Instagram habits, saying, “There are times that I just want to upload something for no reason. I saw a picture of my face in a fried egg, and I just edited it.”

When asked why on earth he edited Daesung into the photo, T.O.P replied, “I just thought it would look pretty together with him.”

T.O.P further explained his upload patterns, saying, “When I upload a lot, it’s as many as 50 pictures. It’s nice to collect things sometimes. So if people say they’re going to unfollow me, I tell them to just do it.”

The BIGBANG member then elicited more laughter from everyone in the studio when he said, “Yang Hyun Suk CEO told me either I just had no concept or I had lost my mind, but I told him it seems like it’s probably both.”

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