Surprise Pre-release from Beast, Double Ballad Promotions Ahead

Beast has a surprise gift pending for fans—they will be pre-releasing the song “Butterfly” from their 3rd full-album, “Highlight,” on June 27th at midnight! Both the music video and digital version of the song will be revealed one week before the Cube’s boy group officially comes back, and the teaser can be watched by clicking here.

“Butterfly” is an emotional ballad with soft piano melodies accompanied by acoustic guitar sound, describing the wish to become a butterfly and fly away together with one’s lover. The beautiful song was co-written by Beast’s member Yong Junhyung and musician DAVII.

Beast has been famous for their digital sales power, with both title songs and pre-release songs such as “On Rainy Days,” “Midnight,” and “Will It Be Okay” snatching 1st place on both digital music sites and broadcast music shows. “Butterfly” is also expected to draw warm responses from fans as a warm-up prior to the group’s comeback.

Interestingly, this will be the first time that Beast promotes two ballads simultaneously, “Butterfly” and “Ribbon”, compared to their usual combination of a soulful ballad and powerful dance track. It shows that group’s maturity in terms of musicality, as well as their confidence as true artists.

Following the “Butterfly” pre-release at 0:00AM on the 27th, the full album “Highlight” will drop on July 4th, so make sure to stick around with MoonROK for more updates.


Source: Sports Dong-ah

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