Super Junior’s Kangin and Boyfriend Twins Youngmin and Kwangmin Cast for Season 2 of ‘Real Men’

Popular military reality show ‘Real Men’ has been incredibly popular over the past year, rocketing singers like Henry and Hyeri into national popularity by giving them the opportunity to show their talents and charm despite grueling army challenges.

The lineup for the next season of the show has just been announced, and in addition to famous athletes, actors, and comedians, some idols will be joining the season 2 crew. Those idols joining the show will be Super Junior‘s Kangin, Boyfriend twin brothers Youngmin and Kwangmin, and Untouchable‘s Sleepy.

The show has not yet announced when the first broadcast will be, but moonROK will be sure to keep you updated as more details are revealed.


Source: Sports Dongah

Images courtesy of their respective owners
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