Sunny to Host First Open Broadcast of ‘Sunny’s FM Date’ with Guests TaeTiSeo and Lee Guk Ju

It has just been announced that Girls’ Generation member Sunny will be hosting the first open broadcast of her radio show, “Sunny’s FM Date,” with supporting guests TaeTiSeo members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, and comedian Lee Guk Ju.

According to MBC, “Sunny’s FM Date” will have its first open broadcast on November 14th at 8pm at MBC Golden Mouse Hall in Sangam.

On that day, Sunny’s FM Date’s special program “Come and Eat,” borrowing from the cultural dining structure, will meet the audience with a new and unexpected stage. This open broadcast will have special appearances by FM Date’s regulars such as One More Chance, Casker, and the comedian, Ahn Young Mi.

Lee Guk Ju, Ahn Young Mi, and Sunny are reportedly also preparing a special performance. Lee Guk Ju and Ahn Young Mi have decided to make an appearance because of their close friendship with Sunny. They stated despite their busy schedule, they are taking time out to practice a song and dance performance for the show.

“Sunny’s FM Date” airs every evening from 8pm to 10pm, and this particular open broadcast will air on November 20th at 8pm on MBC Radio. 


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of MBC
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