Sulli States She Tried to Become Ugly for ‘Fashion King’

f(x) member Sulli made her first appearance yesterday for the first time since her three-month hiatus from the music industry.

The appearance was at the press conference for her new movie, “Fashion King,” where Sulli admitted that she tried to become ugly for her role as a frumpy girl who changes her style to get the attention of the boy she likes.

Sulli stated, “I worried a lot in the beginning. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve really got to be ugly. What will I have to do to become ugly?’ I had that kind of burden and pressure.”

Sulli’s co-star Juwon then stated, “Sulli said that she was going to show up ugly, but she was so pretty,” continuing, “One day I was monitoring her acting and I worried to myself, ‘Can Sulli really become that ugly?'”

Sulli went on to say, “It seemed that the uglier I was, the hotter the reaction would be. To that point, the more comfortable I became, the more I was able to find my true self.”

Sulli’s movie “Fashion King” comes out in Korea on November 6th.


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of Top News
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