On “Star Gazing,” Yunho Admits He “Considered Early Retirement Due to Anti-fans”

TVXQ‘s U-know Yunho mentioned his past “drink incident,” which attracted a lot of attention.

On the 24th, Yunho appeared on the show “Star Gazing” and said, “In 2006, one anti-fan gave me a drink and I had to go to the hospital.” He continued, “I usually drink everything in one shot, but after I drank it all, I can’t recall what happened after.”

“Later, I started throwing up blood. Inside the bottle, there was white adhesive. My throat and stomach became damaged.”

“I thought about quitting being a celebrity. When I greeted people, I couldn’t look at them in the eyes.” He revealed, “I grew to hate myself because I had a hard time overcoming the trauma. So, I would drink at home and tried to get over it.”

The “Star Gazing” viewers made comments such as “U-know Yunho, anti-fans are terrible,” “how terrible it must have been for U-know Yunho” and “No matter how much somebody may dislike something, people shouldn’t do something dangerous and risk others’ lives.”


Source: Newstown

Image courtesy of MBC
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