Soyu Admits She Was Flirted with Often After the Success of ‘Some’

Girl group SISTAR appeared on this week’s episode of the talk show “Taxi” for a Christmas special.

On the episode, Soyu admitted that after the hit success of her duet with Junggigo, “Some,” people became more aware of her.

Fellow member Hyorin then asked Soyu if she got hit on/flirted with a lot because of it, to which Soyu answered, “I’ve been flirted with a bit.”

Bora then chimed in saying that she has been hit on the most since debut, saying, “At the beginning of our debut I became close with a lot of singers by going out on variety programs. However, I found that people looked at me unfairly,” evoking laughter from the group.

Make sure to check out the full episode for more, and stay tuned to moonROK for updates on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: OSEN

Images courtesy of TvN and Starship Entertainment
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