SoyouXJunggigo Perform New Duet Song on Inkigayo

Soyou | moonROK
Soyou | moonROK

Audio and visual media courtesy of SBS


SoyouXJunggigo performed a special stage on SBS Inkigayo yesterday for their new duet song, “There’s One More Love Than Breakup.”

This collaboration was planned specifically for the special Inkigayo stage in order to bring the fans another duet track after the huge success of “Some” back in 2014. “There’s One More Love Than Breakup” is a song about how even if you go through a handful of breakups, there will always a love waiting for you in the end that will overcome all the pain of past breakups.

Check out the wintery collaboration stage below and stay tuned to moonROK for all the latest Kpop updates and releases!



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