Sooyoung Talks College Life, Drinking Beer and Eating Chicken, and More in Magazine Interview

The July edition of Korean magazine The Celebrity features Girls’ Generation, and in addition to an extensive photoshoot with the group as a whole, the magazine conducted individual shoots and interviews with each of the eight members of the group. The magazine has slowly been publishing each member’s interview online, and earlier this evening, Sooyoung‘s interview and photos were released. Below is a translation of her interview, accompanied by her solo shots.


It seems that while filming, Sooyoung’s natural image emerges; bringing her dogs along, walking them around, and taking them to the neighborhood super market.

That’s how I’m really living. In my real life, I’ve always enjoyed more cozy and natural things.


Are you not conscious of others watching you?

To the point that my friends are shocked. I go to bars with my friends and drink beer and eat fried chicken as if it’s no big deal, and everytime my friends ask that too, “Is it okay if you do that?” It’s okay.


Is there a moment that has helped you become tolerant of outsiders watching?

Thanks to my school life, my mind has changed a lot. If I hadn’t become a singer and were an ordinary student, I probably would have ended up thinking a lot about my life. Through my school friends I was able to understand what it is to study hard and find a career other than Girls’ Generation. I will still always live as a part of Girls’ Generation, but life knowing nothing but Girls’ Generation is a world of difference from life knowing things outside of Girls’ Generation.


Do the things you learn living an ordinary life also help with acting?

Of course. I strangely almost always end up playing the role of a normal girl rather than that of a female actress. At school as I learned about other people’s lives, I was able to imagine what my life would be like with a normal first love and dates, and I was able to start understanding my characters better.


As Girls’ Generation, you won’t have to experience the difficulty of finding employment that your graduation class will, but you must feel accomplished as graduation approaches.

To the point that the days that I go to school are the days that I have the most self-confidence and pride. My life going to school is my real life, I think of it as my full-time job, and Girls’ Generation as work that I do. After thinking of it like that, it turns out that I no longer feel the stress that I used to feel being called Girls’ Generation.


Comparing the life of a celebrity to that of an ordinary person, you’ve achieved an immense amount of recognition and advancement so quickly that it’s hard to believe you when you say that you were stressed by it.

Of course I think of my experience living as part of Girls’ Generation as precious. Among the classes I’ve taken in college, through activities as part of Girls’ Generation, I’ve already done truly good work at a veteran level. At those times I think that, “Ah, so this field is my specialty after all”. The pride that I earn at school is different from the pride I feel as a part of Girls’ Generation. Until recently, I lived without being able to see the most important things that I have. Before “Gee” exploded, I’d go around like, “You say you like Girls’ Generation? Should I get the girls’ autographs for you?” But now, I think that there will never be another time that I will be able to say all of these things like, “that’s my performance” or “that’s my music” or “that’s my acting”. It seems like if I knew earlier, I should have been able to be happier earlier, but those were days that all too sadly passed by.


Last year, you showed advancement as an actress in the drama “The Spring Days of My Life”. Could a simliar transition be the beginning of your growth?

“The Spring Days of My Life” was a very satisfactory challenge. My change of heart was exposed even on the screen. The director at the time planted the firm consciousness that “this is your scene” in me.


Having said that you’ve had a change in your mindset, it seems that you’ll make a lot of memories with the Girls’ Generation comeback this summer.

I’m excited and nervous. Now that the members have all matured, it seems that we’ll be able to enjoy it with excitement and with a comfortable mindset. Because the method for enjoying something is a bold and honest form that has become easy for us.


Source: The Celebrity

Images courtesy of The Celebrity
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