Sooyoung Apologizes for Jessica’s Departure from Girls’ Generation on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’

On her regularly hosted weekly talk show, Sooyoung unexpectedly made a direct statement regarding Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation.

On the show, Sooyoung said, “Having to relay this sort of sudden news is simply distressing and I’m sorry. For the sake of everyone who loves and supports Girls’ Generation, we will try even harder to show a hard-working Girls’ Generation. Please watch over us. I am sorry.”

This is one of the most direct statements that any of the Girls’ Generation members have made about the issue so far, as the only other member who has mentioned it was Taeyeon, who apologized for the incident at a fanmeet.


Source: MyDaily

Image courtesy of SBS
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  1. SoshiFann 7 years ago
    This statement only reinforces my opinion that the other 8 Members had little to do with Jessica’s departure and are now in the awkward position of both apologizing to fans and repairing the damage done by SM’s decision.

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